Tree Magic

Tree Magic

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Experience the healing power of the Pacific Northwest rainforest with this invigorating blend of Cedar, Spruce, White Fir, Pine Needle and Douglas Fir

This ENERGIZING aroma is a tool to calm the mind and center the nervous system. Tree Magic takes you directly to the forests of your meditation, where the grandfathers Cedar and Fir are always waiting, exhaling their stories of courage.

Clary Sage is also present with her clarity of heart, as well as Rosewood who drives away sadness and disappointment. 

This mild, sweet and spicy blend is filled with the comforting fragrances of the forest. Designed to lift the spirits and calm the heart.

Not your typical "pine scent", this one carries a sweetness and exotic aromatic complexity, much like the forests that inspired it.

Apply to the third eye chakra and temples of the forehead to raise spiritual awareness and aid in achieving a meditative state.

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